Thursday, July 30, 2009

Multi-talented Artistic Jen on the Crazy Train

Just love to find someone who's so multi-talented and is able to create such beautiful things with each one of those talents.

So it is with Artistic Jen, the current rider on the Artfire Crazy Train. Jen's studio features beautiful items in several different media, including polymer clay artwork (beads, hand painted pendants, etc.), crochet and jewelry crafting. Here are a few examples:
Crocheting and needlework are crafts I've never had much luck (or patience) with, so I'm always impressed. That is one fine afghan!
O.K., I'll 'fess up. I love the macaw because it reminds me of my favorite Monty Python sketch ("Norwegian Blue. Beautiful plumage.") This does NOT mean I don't love the piece, and Jen's studio features hand painted portraits of several beautiful macaws. Well worth having a look!

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