Sunday, July 12, 2009

AJDJSS "Rock Green" Giveaway!

Green with envy...Green, green grass of home... Green cheese....Wearin' O' the Green...Jack o' the Green..It's Not Easy Being Green...Greenbacks (and who doesn't want some?)...Little Green Bag (if you're old enough to remember that goofy song...)...Greenpeace...Alan Greenspan.

O.K., I'll stop. Let's face it, green has been, and probably always will be, part of everyone's life. Here's a chance to make it a fun part of your life!

The Artfire Jewelry Designers and Jewelry Supply Sellers Guild is having a "Rock Green" giveaway this month!

Nine members of the guild have each generously donated a beautiful prize for "Rock Green" winners. If you want a chance to win, you can enter just by posting a comment to the AJDJSS blog:

How easy is that?

Not only will you be entered in the contest, but you'll also learn more about this group of talented artisans and the people who make their creations possible!

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