Monday, August 31, 2009

'Nothing But String' is Talent and So Much More!

My paternal grandmother was a virtuoso with a needle. That's any kind of needle, from hand sewing to machine work (with a 1910 treadle Singer), to knitting, to tatting to award-winning, all hand-sewn quilts and, of course, crocheting.
As a result, I tend to look at needlework with something that's probably an overly critical eye. Stella Banks Wagner is a tough act to follow!
But grandma never made jewelry with her needlework; in fact, I don't think it ever entered her mind to try! That's why this week's Studio of the Week from Artfire Jewelry Designers and Jewelry Supply Sellers' Guild, Nothing But String is so amazing! Consider:

Imagine...a crocheted ring! It's not only beautiful, it's also, well, comfortable. And like the lovely bracelet and pin, it's wonderfully wearable! A little extra care with cleaning (and kept out of reach of cats and other pets) and you've got a unique keepsake.
So do yourself a favor and take a peek at Nothing But String's Artfire studio. It's another testament to Artfire's reputation as the home of unique and handmade gifts and treasures.

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