Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ridin' on the Crazy Train

I've been selling as part of Artfire for about six weeks now. There's a lot of promotional opportunities and overall encouragement on the site and it's taking some time to get all of the possibilities firmly embedded in my brain.

Yesterday, I finally found out the scoop about 'Crazy Train'. This is a fantastic promotional tool (and I'm pulling together many, many quotes to that effect from folks who are already riding the train).

Each person on the Crazy Train will eventually be the studio/artisan at the top of the list. When that happens, everyone else on the train agrees to go to that person's studio, choose an item they really like, and promote it as much as they can throughout the two week period. Promotional outlets include: blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Kaboodle, ThisNext, Vote Handmade, Websites, Twitter, emails, yep, even good ol' word of mouth!

Now that I'm on the train, I'm doing what I promised and promoting something I think is just wonderful from Chantilly Lace ( It's a beautifully crafted Victorian Rose barrette skillfully made with fabric and pearls. It would be perfect for any girl/woman, especially a bride. Check it out here:

See the photo above and try not to fall in love!

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